B.O.G.O (Building Our Girls Outreach) is a non-profit organization and mentoring movement that provides enrichment programs, virtual bible study and workshops to girls ages 8-18. We empower young ladies utilizing contemporary techniques and enrichment courses to build great leadership skills, confidence, self-esteem and accountability through biblical principles. We encourage girls and women to be leaders in their community through outreach and giving back to the less fortunate. We acknowledge and tackle social issues that girls face day by day while creating a safe environment for them to have discussions, exercises and even bible study that caters to them specifically. B.O.G.O. provides a curriculum that allows each young lady to explore their inner talents and gifts while building their self-esteem and confidence to achieve mental, emotional, social and physical growth. We encourage them to pursue their biggest dream, walk in purpose and remain resilient.

What B.O.G.O. Offers

  • Weekly Enrichment Videos Interactive Worksheets​ that targets:

    • Confidence​ & Self Esteem Workshops

    • Goal Setting​, Self-Discovery, Determination and Execution 

    • Bible Knowledge and Understanding

  • Bible Study Catered to their age group

  • Open Discussion Forums 

  • One-on-One Coaching 

  • Small Groups  

  • Leadership Development

  • Professional Development

  • Community Outreach 

  • Teen Domestic Abuse Awareness and Prevention

  • Teen Pregnancy Awareness and Prevention 

  • Performing Arts (B.O.G.O. Arts Program) – click here for more information

  • Annual BOGO Weekend Conference which included hands-on workshops, interactive lectures, guest speakers, entertainment and more.

BOGO is not just an organization, its a Movement!

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